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Shatter is only 1 type of dabs, the catch-all term for marijuana concentrates made by extracting cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, the plant’s psychoactive chemicals. Other famous forms include”budder,” which has a creamier, wax-like consistency, and oils, which are gold and honey-like. Buy Shatter Online.

For many dabs, extraction entails running a solvent — usually butane, carbon dioxide, or propane — through bud buds to extract the cannabinoids, then evaporating the solvent and collecting the resins left behind. Of all of the concentrates, shatter is the most potent — it goes through an extra filtration procedure to eliminate other naturally occurring fats and waxes — that is how it manages to package its active ingredients in mad large amounts (regular bud, when smoked, only contains about 5-18 percent cannabinoid material ). While this excess step optimizes purity, in addition, it filters out the dank hydrocarbons called terpenes, which compose bud’s flavor and scent.

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Industry experts specify shatter as a sort of bud extract, made by extracting the plant’s essential oil, which comprises the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. The expression shatter especially refers to a particular texture of translucent cannabis focus that breaks and shatters like glass. Buy Shatter Online.

To vape shatter, you will add your shatter to your vape’s heating room, as you’d similar marijuana extracts.

Dabbing is the more conventional method to use marijuana shatter. When dabbing, pieces of shatter are employed or”dabbed” onto a hot surface such as sexy titanium or ceramic nail or walnut bucket. The shatter will quickly vaporize upon contact with the surface. As you dab on your shatter on the hot surface, you’ll inhale the vapor throughout the dab rig’s water room and into your lungs.

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