Viper City OG


Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa THC: 75%


Body High, Cerebral, Joyful, Comforting, Uplifting


Citrus, Diesel, Fruity, Skunky, Spicy

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Viper City OG Strain – Buy Viper City OG Online

Viper metropolis OG can be an infrequent Indica dominating hybrid breed (75 percent indica/25 percent Sativa) generated by crossing the most traditional Burmese Landrace X Blackseed breeds. Known because of the high THC flat, It is perhaps not to be jeopardized, even to its most knowledgeable consumers. The truth is that this newborn has THC degrees listed as large as 75 percent, even though these weren’t supported in a lab environment. Viper City OG strain – Buy Viper City OG online.

That said, that the Viper City OG top is very effective and can be best-suited to your seasoned affected individual. It commences at the mind having a raised racing effect that matches your cerebral condition with an awareness of heady euphoria and pristine jelqing bliss. Buy Viper City OG online.

Since the brain hangs to the condition of thick, droopy serene, your own body will start to drop deeper and deeper into the sofa, which makes you entirely immovable and simmers for hrs and hours. As a result of those impacts and its particular high 20 percent average THC amount, This strain is ideal for healing persistent pressure, depressive disorders, chronic pain, insomnia, and muscular aches or lesions.

This marijuana features a brilliant hot skunky taste with traces of citrus and diesel up on a sour odor to coincide. Viper City OG buds possess thick spade-shaped olive oil nugs with prosperous blue undertones, lengthy lean hairs that are clear, and also a coat of blue-tinted crystal clear crystal trichomes.

This cannabis breed’s high can supply you with bountiful contentment which allows you to discharge most of the doubts, unwanted vitality, and over-thinking. It’s possible for you to jump into the comfy Indica human anatomy whilst hearing music together with alone or friends. Viper City OG strain – Buy Viper City OG online.

Body High, Cerebral, Joyful, Comforting, Uplifting

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