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Violator Kush is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid with THC levels definitely above the average because these can reach up to 24%. Being a mostly indica strain, this cross between the Hindu Kush and Malana provides users with a physical body high followed by some minor yet noticeable cerebral results. Additionally, Violator Kush has an impressive CBD content for a normal marijuana breed, averaging approximately 1.5%.

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A day full of nothing but sweet comfort can prove to be invaluable for our health and be more refreshing than a cup of premium coffee, and in the event, you can smoke some wonderful hybrid during that time, it is all the better. For starters, Violator Kush will not make you feel jittery if you spend an entire day inhaling its vapor and cherishing the magnificent aroma and tastes it gives. Buy Violator Kush Shatter Online.

The Violator Kush cannabis breed has nice compact buds whose color is practically royal-green and threaded through with amber pistils. On the surface of the astonishing nuggets, you may spot an adequate coating of crystal-like white trichomes that make Violator Kush look frosty and a little magical.

Violator Kush conveys a pungent odor which could be described as a combination of a musty and earthy odor of hash, which is, undoubtedly, pleasant. The fragrance of the hybrid carries over to its flavor with a hint of walnut and pepper undertones; many users that tried the breed praise it for its beautiful flavor.

Relaxed, sedated, sleepy, euphoric, hungry

You won’t have to wait until the sedative effects of Violator Kush creep in the body. Nearly all individuals describe this feeling as a tranquilizing body high that makes one feel lazy with time. As we mentioned, this is one strong strain, so the physical body is able to intensify to the point where you are going to wind up couch-locked. But when micro-dosed, Violator Kush can uplift your mood and stir the imagination. Buy Violator Kush Shatter online – Violator Kush Shatter available.

While recreational users locate Violator Kush an excellent bud to use for days off, the CBD content between 1.5% to 2% makes it one of the very sought-after medical bud strains. Buy Violator Kush Shatter Online, It can alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, PTSD, nervousness, depression, headaches, and chronic stress.

Users who went overboard with all the strain heavy eyelids with red eyes, and at precisely the exact same time, constant thirst caused by the dry mouth. In addition, if your THC-tolerance is reduced, we recommend that you don’t use a lot of Violator Kush; differently, your anxiety may acquire elevated and even result in a sudden bout of fear. Buy Violator Kush Shatter Online.

Although pungent and powerful, the Violator Kush hybrid grows very short and seldom reaches two feet in height. On the other hand, it is a bushy plant with dark green leaves which can manage some bulky resinous buds — and believe us, Violator Kush grows some of the very sexy nuggets we have ever seen.

When grown indoors, this cannabis plant flowers in 8 to 9 weeks, yielding between 16 and 18 oz per square meter. By that time, you should have anywhere from 22 oz of flower per marijuana, but odds are, you’re going to get more. Buy Violator Kush Shatter online – Violator Kush Shatter available.

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