Strawberry Cough


Sativa (80% Sativa / 20% Indica). THC: 22% and a CBN level of 1 percent. CBD level is reduced at 0.09percent and CBG by 1.4%.

Strawberry Cough originated in Connecticut and has been made by cannabis pioneer and enthusiast, Kyle Kushman, in 2000. It was by chance that the parent breed of Strawberry Cough was born. Kushman received a replica of the parent strain from a different breeder. The clone, the breeder said, grew close to a strawberry patch. Kushman called the clone Strawberry Field after its pungent strawberry odor. Later on, Kushman spanned Strawberry Field using a Haze strain, the consequence of that is Strawberry Cough.

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The scent is just as sumptuous, with a prominent aroma of strawberry that, once the bud is smoked, has a rather earthy effect. Strawberry Cough buds have moderate to large lumpy and compact popcorn-shaped dark olive green nugs. Furthermore, they have mild amber hairs and a thick coating of sticky sweet resin. The Strawberry high has an excellent blend of both Indica and Sativa effects. These effects include a moderate THC level that drops between 15-18%. Buy Strawberry Cough online – Strawberry Cough strain accessible.

The large hits you with an uplifting cerebral mind buzz that builds with no feeling of paranoia or anxiety. This is accompanied by a gradually building body buzz that offers complete comfort and erases all your physical pain. Strawberry is also ideal for curing chronic stress, discomfort, moderate cases of depression, and chronic fatigue due to these fairly mild effects. Buy Strawberry Cough online – Strawberry Cough breed accessible.

Strawberry Cough is best utilized in the morning as it can provide you the pep you will need to begin the day. If your chronic pain and fatigue keep you in bed, a fantastic toke of Strawberry Cough can alleviate your symptoms. You may go about your morning responsibilities relatively pain-free. Strawberry Cough is suitable for those suffering from inflammation, muscle aches, and discomfort, chronic fatigue, body malaise, persistent pain, migraine, headaches.

Since Strawberry Cough provides your energy and mood levels a boost, this is sometimes a fantastic strain for those who have anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, in addition to ADD/ADHD. The strain can stabilize their disposition. Furthermore, it can enhance their attention and creativity. Buy Strawberry Cough online, which has anti-emetic consequences. So those who suffer from nausea and vomiting may also profit from this strain. Not only can it reduce nausea, but it could also control vomiting. This strain may also address appetite problems as it can boost appetite.

Strawberry Cough includes a sweet strawberry and strawberry aroma. Buy Strawberry Cough online – Strawberry Cough strain accessible.

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