Sour Jack


Sativa Dominant Hybrid (70% Sativa / 30% Indica). THC: 22 percent
The genetics of the medical marijuana strain is the combination of two of the traditional Sativa dominant strains. The parent strains of the marijuana variety are’Sour Diesel’ and jack Herer’. This plant comprises lime green colored nugs that are calyx-shaped with curlier orange-colored trichomes all around the flowers. The sour odor of the strain is the signature odor of Sour Jack. This would give the consumers the mix of lemony and gas aromas together with the hints of menthol and pine. The flavor will be nearly near its odor and is more or less like that of lemon soda.

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Sour Jack Strain – Buy Sour Jack online.

It has developed a good reputation and is highlighted by an intense aroma and deep cerebral results. After combining both Sativa-dominant breeds, we get a wonderful mix of tropical, sweet tastes. These flavors mix with pungent tones of diesel and citrus. Buy Sour Jack online – Sour Jack strain available.

The uplifting effects can offer a spark of energy and minimize body fatigue. Additionally, Sour Jack is a superb strain to fight melancholy and to help you keep active. Buy Sour Jack online . This breed would give the users completely exhale.

The CBD level of the rare breed is calculated as 0.22. Moreover, the effects of the strain are uplifting for its users and can offer sparkling energy and minimizing fatigue.

In addition, this has been found to succeed in battling depression and can help users to remain energized. Buy Sour Jack online – Sour Jack strain available.

• Sour Jack is a powerfully lively breed. Its principal function is euphoria, concentrate mood-enhancement.
• This strain’s uplifting properties make it better suited to patients with fatigue and depression.
• The anti-inflammatory properties also help reduce inflammation that causes flare-ups for individuals with Crohn’s or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
• The CBC provides similar anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and neuroprotectant advantages as CBG nonetheless, in addition, it helps mitigate acne.

• THCV also supports this breed’s anti-anxiety properties, particularly for those who have PTSD.

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