Royal Kush


Indica Dominant Hybrid (80% Indica / 20% Sativa). THC: 23% – 25%, CBN: 1 percent
Royal Kush, or”The King One of Hybrids,” is an indica dominant hybrid (80 percent indica/20percent Sativa OR 90 percent indica/10percent Sativa) strain created by means of a cross of the notorious Afghani and Skunk #1strains. This insanely strong bud boasts an extreme THC level that typically falls over the 25% mark and a myriad of impressively potent indica consequences.

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Made by G13 Labs, a European seed company responsible for several flavor-focused strains. Royal Kush is a cross between basic hybrid Skunk #1 and an Afghani Indica landrace. With soothing physical results and a blissful, dreamy high, this is a number ideal for mellow nighttime use. According to the cannabis testing laboratory Analytical 360, flowers of Royal Kush are found to have THC levels of 15 percent to up to 25%. Buy Royal Kush online.

To start with, the high begins in the mind using a fuzzy cerebral rush. This head high slowly starts to ebb through the body. Also leaving you in a state of absolute relaxation and drowsiness.

Lastly, the comedown almost always contributes to deep and peaceful sleep. Due to these frequently overpowering effects, Royal Kush is ideal for treating chronic stress, nausea, chronic pain, insomnia, and mild to moderate cases of depression. Buy Royal Kush online.

Royal Kush buds have tiny to dimmed mild minty green lumpy popcorn-shaped nugs with green forest undertones, scattered fiery orange hairs, and a gritty, fine white crystal trichomes coating. This bud includes a taste and odor of a sweet earthy skunk with a savory herbal aftertaste that lingers for hours after you finish smoking. Royal Kush is just the thing for unwinding after a busy day. Hang out like royalty in a richly-perfumed daze and revel in some mellow introspection. Buy Royal Kush online from Global Cannabis Shop NOW!

This impressive strain has moderate to large flowers that stick in elongated, chunky buds. The buds have a tight and compact bud structure typical of several other Indica varieties. The leaves are a vibrant spring green with yellow pistils threaded throughout. Particular phenotypes have colors of purple, a color that comes about when anthocyanin pigments in the plant are agitated by unusually cold temperatures throughout the growing process.

Milky white trichomes cover the outer surfaces and inner workings of the flowers and provide the cured buds a very sticky, resinous texture which makes them hard to divide by hand.

When combusted, this breed gives off smoke which might appear remarkably smooth for an Indica. On the exhale, users will detect a skunky-sweet taste with just a small amount of fruit. Notably, Royal Kush has no discernible berry or grape flavors; the pigments that determine that this breed’s purple hues don’t have a similar impact on its own taste. Like Skunk #1, this is a really pungent variety — smokers should double-bag their marijuana when hauling it and enjoy it in isolated locations. Buy Royal Kush online.

Royal Kush is a breed that slowly creeps up on the consumer with full-bodied physical comfort. In the minutes after ingestion, users might feel a tingle from the shoulders and head and shoulders which slowly spreads throughout the limbs and chest like a wave. Smokers may find themselves moving and breathing more slowly and might feel inclined to veg out in comfy surroundings. Even though some might feel a change in their own thinking or perception, this takes more of a fuzzy, rambling character. Psychedelic effects such as visual distortions or a feeling of time dilation are typical.

These strong sedative properties create Royal Kush a valuable breed for medical cannabis patients also. Its suppression of stress and tension is a great temporary remedy for acute symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even PTSD.

As more and more is consumed, this strain can lull users into a simple, restful sleep, providing relief from sleeplessness. Royal Kush is known to be an effective appetite stimulant. This breed is long-lasting and potent, even for more experienced cannabis users. Therefore, smokers should eat in moderation in the beginning.

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