OG Kush


Sativa Dominant Hybrid (55% Sativa / 45% Indica). THC: 24%, CBN: 1 percent
OG Kush is an American bud classic, a Southern California first with some of the maximum THC levels in the world. Having a 55:45 Sativa/indica ratio, this breed pulls no punches. Expect a tough, mixed high with extreme euphoria followed by severe couch-lock. The plant’s THC concentration can reach levels as large as 21-24%. That only 1 percentage point less than the present record-holder.

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OG Kush strain – Buy OG Kush online:

OG Kush is a mythical strain with a title that has recognition even outside the cannabis world. Despite its fame, however, its precise origins remain a mystery. Some claim that it is a cross between basic Chemdawg and a hardy Hindu Kush landrace. Additionally, it is possible that OG Kush emerged out of undocumented bag seed as a distinct phenotype of another present breed. Buy OG Kush online – OG kush strain available

The significance of its title is also contested — that the”OG” has been said to endure: “original gangster,” connoting its standing as an old-school building block breed; “ocean-grown,” with regard to its origin along the California coast; as well as”OverGrown.com,” a now-defunct site that served as a source for innumerable cannabis growers. 1 thing that is not up for discussion is OG Kush’s effectiveness — its THC composition has been measured at between 20% and 25%. Buy OG Kush online – OG kush strain and other breeds available here.

OG Kush has moderate to large nugget-like buds that have a compact, Indica-like structure. The leaves are yellowish-green, although specific phenotypes can reveal traces of purple; the latter color is caused by cold-weather tripping the anthocyanin pigments. Vibrant orange pistils, meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants, stand out from these vibrant flowers. Purchase OG Kush online.

The cerebral increase from OG Kush is excellent for depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, while the heavy body high can help with nausea and pain. This breed is a hybrid, probably a descendant of a female Chemdawg plant and a man Hindu Kush plant. OG Kush, that has given rise to countless West Coast breeds, has an earthy, wood flavor and a strong pine scent. It is popular in California, the Pacific Northwest, and Colorado. Buy OG Kush online – OG kush strain available.

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