Mango Haze


Hybrid (50% Sativa /50% Indica). THC: 17% – 23%
Mango Haze is a totally balanced hybrid (50 percent sativa/50% indica) strain created as a three-way cross between the insanely popular Northern Lights #5 and Skunk and Haze strains. This yummy bud boasts a THC level of around 23% and a blissful lively high perfect for a day indoors or outside.

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The onset of the high is uplifting, hitting hard in the head. Additionally, it instantly evaporates any negative or racing thoughts or feelings. This mind high fills you with a strong sense of creative energy and motivation that’s anchored by a gradually building relaxing body high. This body high never really becomes tired or sedative, thus making this marijuana perfect for day use when you will need an energetic boost that’s also pain-relieving. Buy Mango Haze Online.

Because of these effects, Mango Haze is ideal for treating fatigue, chronic stress or anxiety, mild to moderate cases of depression, and chronic migraines or headaches. These buds have a delicious aroma of sweet cherry using a fuzzy hint and a flavor of sweet tropical fruit with a hint of earthy haze upon exhale that sweetens pleasantly. Mango Haze buds have little parts of forest green fox tail-shaped nugs with dark amber hairs and sparse crystal clear white trichomes.

Mango Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, famous for its awesome taste profile and moderate-to-high strength. This intricate genetic lineage leads to an alluring tropical aroma combined with a distinct, dreamlike high. According to laboratory testing results from Analytical 360, Mango Haze’s THC content ranges between 9% and 19%. In regards to the look, Mango Haze is a textbook definition of love from the first sight. Flowers cover its magnificent, elongated buds in a manner that resembles over-size pine cones. Buy Mango Haze Online.

The marijuana structure is typical of a Sativa strain. These soft, fluffy buds can easily be torn away from the primary stem. They have a bright shade of green, threaded through with hairy copper-like pistils. What’s more, when you analyze Mango Haze closely, you may spot a layer of translucent trichomes covering the surface of the leaves, This gives the flowers a remarkable white-gold sheen.

Buy Mango Haze Online. Properly treated flowers of the Mango Haze strain deliver a powerful citrus aroma, with widespread notes of mango underlined with a skunky-sweet odor. Mango Haze isn’t your normal Sativa-dominant hybrid. The high will not be noticeable unless a few minutes pass from your last strike. In the perfect dose and conditions, Mango Haze may also result in mellow introspection and chills. It provides the consumer with a boost of positive energy to light up daily.

Since Mango Haze does not induce recursive thinking patterns, anxiety and paranoia are not likely to occur. But when consuming a lot of this strain, you can anticipate some frequent side effects like dry mouth, itchy, red eyes, and food cravings. Buy Mango Haze Online.

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