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Linsay OG Hash is a more elegant kind of Hash production that produces a powerful and tasty product. Revered for its extraction method, it is solvent free and contains a THC content of 65%. Lindsay blossom is a powerful indica-hybrid so that you may anticipate a long-term euphoria and pain killing advantages from this Hash. Perfect for insomnia and total stress relief. This material is Melt grade so be cautious!

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Made in British Columbia, this hash rosin is a higher potency, lighter colored, and tastier extract compared to blossom rosin. Additionally, it comes from Lindsay OG, which is an award-winning Indica dominant Hybrid. Thus, continues to be refined and improved through the years and has developed into a really powerful and smooth smoke breed, this rosin packs a punch! In addition, this strain has its title from the quaint city of Lindsay, Ontario. It’ll leave you feeling like your surfing a wave of euphoria finishing with feelings of comfort and happiness. Buy Lindsay OG Hash Online.

Lindsay OG is a fantastic strain for pain and stress as a result of the high THC content. Also, it, then, helps for the relief of headaches, nausea, and chronic pain. An individual can expect to feel powerful psychological, and physical effects which makes this strain perfect for a night with all the conveniences of home, followed by a profound and rejuvenating sleep. Buy Lindsay OG Hash Online.
Lindsay OG is an exceptional breed with deep earthy flavor tones, with hints of walnut and gas finishing with a wonderfully pungent odor. Users will find themselves enjoying a flavor that’s truly in a class of its own starting strong and ending with a sleek subtleness.

This potent rosin comes best recommended to innovative smokers. Famous for its sofa locking and highly sedative effects, people seeking a relaxing and low key experience under the effects of a high THC breed rosin will best enjoy Lindsay OG Hash Rosin. Buy Lindsay OG Hash Online.

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