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Includes battery, 500mg cartridge, and USB charger. Everything you will need to begin with a 100% lifetime warranty.

Night — Indica: A relaxing and tranquil indica-dominant blend. Fantastic for evening hours, indicas offer comfort and pain relief and are frequently used as sleep aids.

Daytime — Sativa: An uplifting and stimulating sativa-dominant mix of all-natural cannabis oil. Fantastic for mornings and afternoons, sativas give an energetic and improved state of well-being.

Anytime – Hybrid: Our hybrid blend is carefully crafted for enjoyment around the clock, day or night. The perfect combination to inspire relaxation, creativity, and focus, consider hybrids as your “everyday” solution.

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The Bloom Farms Highlighter is a simple to use cannabis vapor pencil that includes a pre-filled cartridge. Bloom Farms cannabis oil is extracted with Super-critical CO2 technology and is then further refined to eliminate plant lipids and waxes. Moreover, adding a small number of pharmaceutical grade polyethylene glycol allows for effortless vaping. Buy Bloom Farms Highlighter online.

Each Highlighter capsule and replacement cartridge comes with 400mg of oil formulated to have 40-45 percent THC. This will normally allow for 150-200 puffs. The Highlighter is a 280 mAH battery which works between 3.3 V to 4.2 V and will usually last for a whole cartridge on a single charge. This simple to use pen automatically activates as you draw air through the cartridge. Each highlighter contains a USB charger. Buy Bloom Farms Highlighter online.

THC: 76%
CBD: 00.85%


Easy, discreet, and trendy, HIGHLIGHTER is a mobile cannabis oil vapor pencil. Extracted with clean CO2, our pure, organic cannabis oil comprises a consistent 50-80 percent THC content. We provide all terpenes from precisely the exact same cannabis plants which the oil is made from for why they maintain the plant’s natural flavors. The battery-powered heating element warms the oil, providing a potent and constant vapor. This astonishingly easy-to-use, health-conscious alternative to smoking will delight you with artful elegance whilst leaving no lingering odor.

Offered at Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid blends, our organic cannabis oil is ideal for any time, day or night.  Includes a 500mg cartridge that uses a universal 510 thread. All Bloom Farm products have a 100% lifetime warranty. Therefore, Buy Bloom Farms Highlighter online.

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