Who We Are

Top Grade Marijuana 420 is a one in a million marijuana business which is based in Colorado USA and operates on a worldwide scale. It was conceived as early as 2004 and has operated successfully and grown bigger and bigger ever since. We started this journey as we saw the need to make Weed available to everyone interested in both medical and recreational purposes. We set out to help provide the world with top quality marijuana products. Get premium quality medical and recreational marijuana from us. We operate 24/7 and have a wide variety of cannabis products available at affordable prices. We also offer discreet shipping worldwide. We sell Marijuana strains, Cannabis oils, marijuana concentrates, Hashish, Shatter, Vape pens, Edibles, CBD oils, THC oils, and many more exciting and new cannabis products. You can confidently buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping from us at any time.

We are Top Professionals





We ship right to your door! Quality medical-grade marijuana! With the cost of gas today, we can help you save money. We also offer discounts for clients with a health condition and prescription.

We provide tracking and shipping with all orders. Tracking information is provided IMMEDIATELY when orders are sent. In addition, we give a notification e-mail once your payment is received.

Together with the numerous relationships with growers we’ve developed through time, we always provide the client with a superior product. You can trust us to be the exceptional online dispensary.

Safety is our priority. We don’t keep customer’s information, pieces of information needed during ssl encrypted processing are erased upon order completion.

We provide worldwide delivery directly to your home of top quality cannabis products that you won’t find at your marijuana dispensary in town. We provide discounts to individuals with medical conditions in addition to cheap rates for repeat customers that purchase from us. We invite you to browse our website for your favorite THC treats and complete your purchase order in our online shop. Your real mail order marijuana will send to you the exact same day we receive payment and you can be sure the delivery is confidential and protected. Yes, you can purchase real marijuana online with direct mail order and quick delivery to your dwelling. We make it simple.

Our highly-trained staff is thrilled to share their expertise and answer your questions with courtesy, kindness, and respect. We have successfully sent thousands of orders around the world using intense stealth, irrespective of your country/state’s legislation on marijuana