It can be a challenging process when Buying your 1st cannabis smoking piece. As a result, we have put this useful guide with all important considerations. Buying your first marijuana smoking piece is an important step in the life of a marijuana smoker. This is that “Yes” moment when you finally accept that your weed habit has become a major part of your daily routine. And once you purchase a pipe or bong of your own, you won’t have to always run to your bud mates to borrow theirs. This is both hygienic and discreet.

Regardless of the joy you’ll feel over the idea of buying a beautiful pipe in your desired shape and design, it’s important to first do some research. What is it that you’re looking for? Will it give you away, or Is it discreet? Is it geared for premium enjoyment? You have to ask yourself these questions and more, in order ensure you get what you need and also have fun while using it.

Here are some tips to help you when Buying your 1st cannabis smoking piece:
Pipes are one of the simplest tools for any weed lover. They are cheaper and easier to use, as a result, they are easier to buy. You can purchase a good one in online, or from local smoke shops across the country so you don’t have to worry about legalization.
Pipes are generally made out of glass, wood or metal, and despite the different shapes they may have, they are portable and easy to use. Given that the design is so simple, there’s no sections for water which makes the drag a little rough. We advise you try a different option if the smoothness is what you are really looking for in a pipe.

If you are not into pipes or have one already, then bongs should be the next option to turn to. Bongs are larger in size and as a result, are less discreet. But they are more luxurious and are good for enjoying your favorite weed while showing off. Surely, there are still very bad bongs, but the fact that you’re smoking from a larger piece means that the smoke will travel further and that the hit won’t be as harsh as that from a pipe.

In most cases, Bongs are more expensive than pipes. But when purchased brand new with all parts, they can be easily be modified and have a longer shelf life as long as they are not dropped.
Almost any material can be used to make Bongs, but the best options are those made out of glass or scientific glass, as they are more durable. With all that taken into consideration, color and shape can be the next things to be considered.

Dab Rig
Dab rigs operate in a different way to bongs. Instead of smoking buds, you’ll be inhaling a concentrate. Instead of lighting the bowl just once, you’ll have to apply heat to the nail before placing the concentrate. Dab rigs are smaller than bongs, and sometimes the device is sold in parts. They are made up of different parts, a rig, a nail, a dabber tool and a torch. When buying online, make sure to read well through your purchase to ensure you get all that you need.

When Buying your 1st cannabis smoking piece(Rig), it’s always a good practice to visit a shop with a good customer service, where all of your questions will be answered. Because these devices usually have different pieces, the shop might have special bundles in stock or might even recommend some top brands and models.